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                                                                        It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine: The Next Five/Toy Factory interview with Eric Robert Olson
                                                                          Interview with Eric Olson of the Next Five | Garage Hangover
                                                                          Springdale '73 Credits
                                                                            All songs were written by Eric Olson with the exception of "Kindle My Imagination", "Angel In Blue", "Throw That Thought Away", and "Love And Me", which were written by Chuck Loth, who also played bass on those and, "Hey La La", "When I'm Around", and "Nobody Knew Me". Gordy Wayne Olski played bass on "Strike Of Fascination", Jim Praefke played bass on "Makin Love Tonite", Doug West played piano on "Love And Me" and "Nobody Knew Me", and Mary Olson sang backup on "Angel In Blue". All guitars, vocals, and any parts not listed above were done by Eric Olson. Springdale '73 was produced, arranged, engineered, and recorded by Eric Olson.
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