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          Tom W Tourville's "They Couldn't Tame Us: The Wisconsin 60's Rock Discography"
              Tom W Tourville's "Back Door Men"

                                                                      A Dark Cloud Hung Over "Sunny Sunny Feeling"
                                                                        The recording of "Sunny Sunny Feeling" was made at Chess studios in Chicago the day Martin Luther King was assasinated. The engineer was Stu Black, and Paul Christy was there with the band. While working on the song, a man came into the studio (always believed to be "blues icon" Muddy Waters) and said to Stu and Paul, "You've got to get these kids out of here, this place is going up." The band was rushed out to the cars and had to lay on the floor and back seats. While driving away, bottles were flying as the rioting began.

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